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13th annual Round Rock lesbian and gay pride dance

On June 1, famous corporate logos on social media turn to rainbows, and parades, picnics, and parties start occurring all over the country to recognize and celebrate Pride Month. June is also the month that the U. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage just four years ago on June 26, These dates get their significance from June 28,when Stonewall riots became the watershed moment for gay rights.

The work of these individuals created the society we now live in. Corporations and businesses who once fired people for living their truth, now embrace Pride Month; and even the police departments who once ordered officers to raid gay-friendly establishments now march in Pride parades across cities all over the world. The LGBTQ community still lives in danger of being discriminated against for employment, being physically assaulted, hyper-sexualized, sexual abuse and rape, face homelessness at alarming rates and being ostracized from their families.

In fact, gay, lesbian and transgendered people endured decades of civil rights violations. In other words, groups of people deemed as un-American were considered security risks. Along with communists, anarchists and Black civil rights leaders, gays were included on the list of security risks because of the theory that they were susceptible to blackmail.

Rather than work to create an environment where the LGBTQ community would feel safe, state governments and cities passed a series of laws that outlawed homosexuality and queer identities.

Often, police officers raided and shut down bars and other establishments catering to homosexuals. In addition, their customers were arrested and outed in newspapers. In addition, genders were banned from wearing clothes of the opposite gender. Through the late s, police commonly raided gay establishments simply to destroy LGBTQ-friendly spaces. This was an unconscionable targeting of a community of people who found it difficult to find employment or stay employed, after the raids.

These civil rights violations are what led to Stonewall and the beginning of the gay liberation movement. The Stonewall riots were a series of violent demonstrations in against a police raid that took place in the early morning hours of June 28,at Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York.

New York City officers were tasked with enforcing anti-gay laws that banned homosexual acts. At the time, New York City refused to grant licenses to bars that served gay people. This law allowed police to enter Stonewall without a warrant and arrested 13 people. A majority of people at Stonewall were drag queens or gay men of color. The riots came at a time when there was significant civil unrest in the United States.

Social and political movements such as the Black civil rights movement, the counterculture of the s and the anti-Vietnam War movement are said to have influenced the gay liberation movement. Queer Black and Latinos were often shunned from their families and from the general public at large. In fact, in the s and s, very few establishments in New York welcomed openly gay people.We are so thankful that the City of Austin understands this and continues to promote live music festivals.

Every night they present a new, unjuried bill of four or five plays no longer than 25 minutes each. Taking place at venues across Austin, this celebration is a great way to see the city while supporting the arts.

With several professional print shops, nationally recognized university printmaking programs, internationally acclaimed print collections, and a thriving printmaking community, Austin is a hub for printmaking in Texas! The PrintAustin team is working with organizations and individuals throughout the Austin visual arts community to showcase fine art prints during this annual event. Their month-long event celebrates the art of original printmaking and educating the public about the traditions of printmaking, as well as showcasing the innovations of the contemporary approach.

So, come out and support local artists! The Annual Community March celebrates Dr. You will then march to the historic Huston-Tillotson University, where exciting activities are planned.

All businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals are invited to march and celebrate Dr. Travel back in time to the middle ages, filled with adventure, music, romance, and fun for the whole family! Play games of skill, eat a turkey leg, and shop in their Marketplace featuring over 40 artisans!.

Though it occurs in Texas over two weekends in January and February, the adventure of a lifetime begins here! The Migrations World Dance and Music Festival is inspired by the way dance were passed through families, communities, from culture to culture, sharing and morphing from initial forms into the myriad of fusions, styles, and beautiful shapes it takes now.

The festival is a three-day workshop that celebrates and focuses on dances from around the world, such as belly dance, flamenco, drum, zills, Bollywood, Chinese classical dance, ATS, classical Indian dance, and more! Not only will there be dancing, but there will be two nights of shows with live music! Performers with many tattoos and skilled tattoo artists will feature a unique balance of entertainment and education at the festival.

Seminars are offered for those interested in tattoo art history, form, and meaning. Tattoo contests are held throughout the festival, allowing attendees the chance to have the craft tattoos practiced on them by professional, skilled tattoo artists! Live Music. Hot Air Balloons.Office Lounge - Georgetown Leander Rd. Austin Ave. Westside Alehouse - Round Rock N. Plucker's - Round Rock N. Pardner's - Round Rock Hwy.

Big Shotz - Round Rock W. Louis Henna Blvd. Randy's Ice House - Taylor Hwy. Cedar Door - Downtown Austin 2nd St. The Ginger Man - Downtown W. Sherlock's Baker St. Pub - North Austin Hwy.

When Is The Pride Parade Near Me? Here's A List Of Parades Across The Country

Riley's - Downtown Austin 6th St. Opal Divine's Freehouse - Downtown W. Congress Ave. Saxon Pub - South Austin S. Lamar Blvd. Player's - Downtown Pflugerville Pecan St.

13th annual Round Rock lesbian and gay pride dance

Weirdo's - North Austin Parmer Ln. Rattlesnake Inn - North Georgetown Hwy. Broken Spoke - South Austin S. Fat Thompson's aka Snuffy's - Hutto Hwy. Ed's Place - Taylor W. Poodie's Hilltop Roadhouse - Spicewood Hwy. Tejano Ranch - NorthAustin N. The Highball - South Austin S. Ego's - South Austin S. The Belmont - Downtown Austin W.

'Here we can feel like we belong'

Star Bar - Downtown Austin W.Looking for events? Check out our latest guide here! Live music on Red River. Credit Dave Mead. Martin Luther King, Jr. Hundreds of Austin bands participate in this annual event that encompasses multiple venues all over Austin. Events surrounding the marathon include a 5K, live music, finish line festival and beer garden.

This multidisciplinary art festival showcases film, performance art, music, visual art and more.

13th annual Round Rock lesbian and gay pride dance

Brasileiro-style samba, costumes and wild abandon can all be seen in the heart of Texas. Spoon at SXSW Participants converge in Austin to showcase music, film and interactive media during this internationally-recognized event. Come enjoy authentic Celtic music and dancers, Irish language workshops, the finest Irish imports and plenty of good craic!

Acoustic jazz, blues and bluegrass are all performed by old-time local favorites and award-winning artists from around the world. Join top chef talent, sommeliers and winemakers from across the nation and Austin's own acclaimed gourmet scene for an indulgent, three-day epicurean adventure unlike any other, topped off with live musical performances.

Spring Pecan Street Festival Credit Manny Pandya. Musicians, food vendors, artists and crafts people turn Sixth Street - historically called Pecan Street - into a lively street fair where there is something for people of all ages.

At Pride march in Paris, activists demand racial justice too

Blues on the Green Zilker Park Pack a blanket and the family and make your way to Zilker Park for this summertime tradition. Held monthly from May to August, Austin's largest free concert series will welcome performances by top local bands.

Films and videos made by or about Latinos in the U. Come hungry, thirsty, and bring your dancin boots. The public is invited to discover new artistic talent, see working studios, learn about artists' tools, techniques and inspirations, explore galleries and a variety of exhibitions, and immerse themselves in the arts and local business communities. Notable speakers and authors will discuss their works and facilitate conversations.

Credit Pierce Ingram. This day-long event features a star-studded lineup, headlined by Nelson himself, and a patriotic fireworks display at the end of the night.

Dozens of non-profit organizations and social clubs use the Festival as a platform to inform and interact with the thousands of attendees. Each year, countless people find new organizations to join, causes to support and opportunities to volunteer. Experience the festival in September and watch for monthly screenings around town.

First Transgender Fashion Show in KIIT University

Join the Austin Chronicle for one of the world's largest hot sauce festivals with as many as 10, spectators each year. This festival packs in the fun with four-days of events, seminars, parties, screenings and more.

Fantastic Fest. Credit David Hill. ACL Music Festival. Credit Charles Reagan Hackleman. Austin City Limits Music Festival Zilker Park One of the country's largest celebrations of music, this six-day festival brings the magic of the famed public TV series Austin City Limits outside the studio and into Austin's most beloved park with more than musical acts on eight stages over two weekends.

More than 40, book lovers of all ages attend the Festival annually, enjoying readings, panel discussions, signings, cooking demonstrations, live music, local food, YA authors, children's activities and exhibiting vendors from across the state.With the threat of wet weather behind them, thousands of people danced and cheered Saturday as colorful floats and decorated cars made their way down Westheimer for the Houston Pride Parade -- an annual event celebrating gay civil rights and culture organized by the Pride Committee of Houston.

Parade organizers and police had been concerned that last week's deluge would spill over onto the parade and spoil the party. The enthusiastically flamboyant revelers, however, were able to dance, shout and strut down a dry parade path, albeit to a crowd slightly smaller than last year'speople.

The pageant celebrated the cultural identity of the city's homosexual, bisexual and transgender population but made its political underpinnings plain. With the growing legalization of same-sex marriage in certain parts of the nation serving as a political backdrop, many participants emphasized their desire for equal marriage rights while others remembered that Saturday marked a year since the U. Supreme Court declared Texas' anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional. A limousine filled with recently married couples -- many of them wearing tuxedos -- rolled down the Westheimer parade route.

Before the parade began, drag queens demonstrated their feelings about President Bush's stance on gay-rights issues. The colorfully dressed queens held an effigy of Bush as Dolly Parton 's song Go to Hell was played on the loud speakers. Among the more notable participants marching were U. While parade organizers were thrilled to have White join in the parade, others had hoped the mayor would make a stand on gay rights issues, particularly with respect to his partisan leanings.

He is doing a disservice to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual movement. The LGRL float, in particular, colorfully advocated gay marriage and criticized employer policies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Most other floats used an array of colors and creative designs to emphasize unity among Houston's homosexual population, often with the financial support of a corporate sponsor.

One eye-catcher was the Chase Bank float, which incorporated a Western theme of haystacks, an oil derrick spraying raindow hues, cowboys, a mock Dolly Patron and futuristic male dancers. I am openly gay. Chase accepts me and assists in the community.

Holiday Inn 's float featured a hotel queen-size bed at the top and the statement "We are committed, are you? Rachel Hollis23, of Katy attended the parade for the first time with a group of friends. They shouldn't be ashamed to be gay," said Hollis. Today they can be proud. Though the dark sky threatened, it never delivered the predicted heavy rains.

Trending Now. Most Popular.What do we do do with proceeds from Austin Pride? Proceeds from the festival, sponsorship and drink tickets are given directly to the community after expenses are paid for Pride. Boogie Wonderland brings thoughts of the s, disco, and love. A time in our history where being gay was being celebrated for the first time. There was much to celebrate. Our community had survived concentration camps, and an active campaign by the United States government to find and out gays and lesbians in the federal government.

The years of lying and secrecy about being gay had receeded. The major cities on each coast were throwing Gay Day parades to mark the Stonewall Riots, and the parades were quickly turning into the modern day Pride celebrations they are today. The party was fueled by disco and free love, the tangible symbols of our long awaited liberation.

They say history is a pendulum, constantly swinging to find its balance. There are great highs and great lows. However, the pendulum always swings the other way, and we are still facing challenges. Once again, we have a government dominated by conservatives determined to hold onto their privilege and send us back into bars like the Stonewall: places that were hidden, boarded over and routinely raided and brutalized by the police.

Our trans brothers and sisters, especially those of color, are being killed at alarming rates, with little to no news coverage and they are also the target of a new military ban. As a community we have accomplished so much in a relatively short amount of time.

We should celebrate our community and its diversity. We are one of the few communities that cross lines of race, religion and social status. We have every right to celebrate being who we are, our true selves. Let us remember that even from the beginning the goal of the marches that spawned today's celebrations was to ensure that LGBTQ people were seen, that we were heard, and that we knew we were not alone.

Boogie, Dance, Get Down and laugh and love. Happy Pride We gathered to commemorate and honor the Stonewall Riots, the demonstrations that sparked the modern gay rights movement 50 years ago, on June 28, The event was attended by a crowd of at least Austin Pride, Kelly Kline. Questions also sought to answer several questions about how different LGBTQIA communities and identities see the current climate today, and the direction of the Queer Rights Movement going forward.

His passion lies in marketing in the sexual health sector and visibility for Dreamers within the Queer movement. Toby Johnson is a former monk, turned gay activist, turned psychotherapist, turned author, and novelist turned gay bookstore owner, turned editor and publisher.

Charles Curry enjoyed a thirty year career in city government, after which he spent fifteen years working with city, county, and state governments around the country as a consultant on performance management. They have been doing this kind of work for over 8 years.

13th annual Round Rock lesbian and gay pride dance

Sheldon Darnell is a community organizer, advocate, and activists through and through operating from the intersection of a black, queer. Ash West got her start in organizing as one of the founding members of a Gay Straight Alliance in high school and is now one of the core organizers for Queer Bomb.

Austin Pride Guide. For the protection of its patrons the front windows were painted black and boarded over.PARIS AP — Grassroots LGBTQ groups marched through Paris led by activists of color Saturday as part of Global Pride observances, protesting police violence and demanding more political actions on behalf of migrants, sex workers and other marginalized members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. Many of the participants wore protective face masks.

The virus has forced organizers in cities around the world to cancel, postpone or adapt their Pride parades this year, frustrating activists who want to collectively mark the 50th anniversary of the first Gay Pride parades and marches in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in Some held banners calling attention to the challenges faced by LGBTQ migrants or members of minority communities in impoverished neighborhoods.

Some participants criticized the influential group Inter-LGBT, which organizes the traditional Paris Pride march featuring parade floats from political parties and corporations, for not pushing hard enough for political change and for allowing a police float at past parades.

But what they represent as forces, as the established order in our society, is what we are fighting. At Pride events in the U. The virus, meanwhile, has disrupted Pride events worldwide. Madrid held its event Saturday online.

New York hosted virtual performances in front of masked protesters, and paid homage to front-line workers in the virus crisis. In all, 90 people were on board a flight that landed at Berlin's Schoenefeld airport, the interior ministry said.

13th annual Round Rock lesbian and gay pride dance

It added that 46 of them were from Afghanistan and 18 from Syria, while the rest were Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Congolese and Cameroonians. They will be shared out among several German states. LONDON AP — Twitter says the hackers responsible for a recent high-profile breach used the phone to fool the social media company's employees into giving them access.

Skip to content. Read the Full Article. More Coronavirus Live Blogs. Man who shot Austin protester Garrett Foster reveals identity, claims self defense, attorney says Video. What we know so far about the investigation into the deadly shooting at an Austin protest.

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